Gloria Doherty For HD-18

Gloria Doherty's Guiding Principles and Motto

Gloria is a nurse and an advanced practice nurse. Advocacy is part of her core. She has represented and defended those without a voice for over 30 years. Gloria received a Doctoral degree in Public Policy and Public Administration. She believes fervently in the power of policy creation and advocacy to address healthcare disparities, and improve access and quality of care for all. Recognized as an expert presenter on topics such as advocacy, healthcare worker violence, and legislative acumen, she embodies the principles of a servant leader.

Her guiding motto, "You cannot complain unless you are willing to work toward solutions," reflects her persistent and goal-oriented approach. Gloria's relentless pursuit of positive outcomes, coupled with her negotiation and compromise skills, exemplifies her commitment to achieving the best results for our communities and the state as a whole.

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Gloria's Platform

Holistic Vision for New Mexico's Future:

Statewide Healthcare Improvement

Advocate for comprehensive healthcare policies that enhance accessibility, affordability, and quality of healthcare services across all regions of New Mexico.

Education Reform and Investment

Support statewide educational initiatives aimed at improving school infrastructure, increasing teacher salaries, and ensuring access to quality education for students in every corner of the state.

Rural Infrastructure Development

Prioritize infrastructure development in rural areas, including transportation, broadband access, and healthcare facilities, to bridge gaps and promote equitable development.

Environmental Conservation

Champion policies that address environmental challenges unique to New Mexico, including water conservation, renewable energy adoption, and protection of natural landscapes.

Support for Agriculture and Rural Communities

Implement policies that support and sustain New Mexico's agricultural sector, investing in rural communities and preserving the state's cultural heritage.

Criminal Justice Reform

Advocate for reforms in the criminal justice system, focusing on community policing, rehabilitation, and addressing the root causes of crime to ensure a fair and just system for all residents.

Water Resource Management

Develop comprehensive water resource management strategies to address the state's water challenges, ensuring sustainable use and conservation practices.

Disaster Preparedness and Response

Implement comprehensive plans for disaster preparedness and response, ensuring the safety and resilience of communities in the face of natural disasters or emergencies.

Community Policing and Public Safety

Advocate for community-oriented policing strategies and public safety initiatives to build trust between law enforcement and communities while addressing the specific needs of different regions.

Gloria's platform is designed to address a broad range of issues and concerns throughout the state of New Mexico, taking into account the diverse needs of its residents in urban, rural, and tribal communities.