About Gloria

With a career spanning over three decades, Gloria Doherty has dedicated herself to the nursing profession, accumulating over 30 years of experience as a registered nurse and more than 20 years as a nurse practitioner. Her specialization as an Adult Health Nurse Specialist and ACNP-BC reflects her commitment to providing high-quality care to adult patients.

Advocacy and Leadership in New Mexico

Gloria deliberate choice to practice in New Mexico is rooted in the state's progressive approach to supporting nurse practitioners. Here, she has been able to practice to the fullest extent of her profession, enjoying full practice and prescriptive authority. Her impact extends beyond her own practice, as she has been a trailblazer in actively marketing and role modeling, paving the way for other acute care nurse practitioners to thrive.

Health System Leadership and Expansion

In her influential health system leadership role, Gloria achieved remarkable milestones. She significantly increased the number of inpatient nurse practitioners by over 100%, concurrently developing policies that fostered continuous growth in practice and the creation of nurse practitioner-dependent service lines. Her strategic vision has left an indelible mark on the healthcare landscape, enhancing the role and impact of nurse practitioners within the system.

Advocacy in Professional Organizations

Gloria advocacy extends to her active participation in state professional nursing organizations, including the New Mexico Nurse Practitioner Council and the New Mexico Nurses Association. Her expert testimony during legislative sessions has played a crucial role in shaping initiatives such as Safe Harbor and securing medical staff eligibility for nurse practitioners statewide.

Prevention of Healthcare Worker Violence

An unwavering advocate for the prevention of healthcare worker violence, Gloria continues to champion improvements in healthcare outcomes and access. Her focus on enhancing practice environments for nurse practitioners aligns with her commitment to fostering safe and supportive workplaces within the healthcare sector.

As a volunteer board member at First Choice Community Healthcare for over two decades, Gloria has played an integral role in the creation of healthcare commons and gardens, fostering community well-being. Additionally, my involvement with the Summit Park Neighborhood Association has been dedicated to serving and uniting our community.