Gloria's Experienced View on Healthcare

Healthcare is a fundamental right, not a privilege. Gloria is committed to statewide healthcare improvement with the aim of eliminating healthcare disparities and inequities across all regions of New Mexico.

Accessible Healthcare for All

Advocate for policies that ensure affordable and accessible healthcare for every resident of House District 18 and the entire state. This includes supporting initiatives that expand Medicaid coverage and improve the overall healthcare infrastructure. She has participated in multi-prong strategies toward addressing Healthcare worker shortages.

Protect Women's Reproductive Health

Champion women's reproductive rights and ensure access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare services. Fight against any attempts to restrict women's access to reproductive health options.

LGBTQIA2S+ Healthcare Programs

Support and enhance healthcare programs specifically tailored to the LGBTQIA2S+ communities. Ensure that the unique healthcare needs of these communities are recognized and addressed.

Eldercare, Long-Term Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities

Eldercare services must be invested in so our senior population can safely stay in their homes. Support Family Medical Leave Act so we can take care of our families without going broke. Work towards improving conditions in long-term care and skilled nursing facilities. Advocate for increased funding, improved staffing ratios, and stringent quality standards to enhance the overall well-being of residents.

Behavioral Health Resources

Increase funding and resources for behavioral health programs, with a focus on preventing and addressing issues related to crime, addiction, and homelessness. Support initiatives that provide comprehensive mental health services to those in need. Develop plans for helping the unhoused using best practices. Develop health commons with wrap-around services to set up for success. Advocate for programs to immediately capture recent people who become unhoused and provide resources.